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My name is Thaddeus Ryan Komorowski.  I studied architectural construction and design at Abilene Christian University.  I landed my first job working at a small architectural firm in Abilene, TX.  Working at a small firm, I was able to help with many design phases that wouldn't be available working at a larger firm.  For example, I was able to work on many projects in the early design phase (schematic design phase).

After working in Abilene I moved to the "big city" and found a job at a medium sized architectural firm learning how to draw building and cabinetry details.  Next, I got a job at another small firm using my previous knowledge of basic design and detailing experience to do some master planning.  I then transitioned out of architecture into teaching.  During the 4 years in between those two careers I was able to work in construction learning a more "hands on" and "real world" application to the theoretical architectural knowledge that I possessed.

I am now a teacher, and armed with the design knowledge I gained in architecture and the "hands on" experience I attained through construction, I was able the design and build my own tiny house "Rustic Red".  Rustic Red was inspired by the Cypress - Tumbleweed Tiny House Plan.  During the summers of teaching high school Career and Technology classes I was able to work on this project that I felt God was calling me to... (a life less cluttered with material objects that would give me the time and financial freedom to purse a life of service to others). 


In the next step of my journey, I am wanting to pursue building tiny houses during the summer and looking forward to connecting with people who are passionate about the advantages of "living tiny".

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Custom Planning

I started my very first tiny house build in the summer of 2015.  I read a book by Jay Schafer and his reasons to "go tiny".  His book made perfect sense to me.  So once I acquired the financial resources I began building "RusticRed".  I first bought a trailer frame and drove (with my dad) to Colorado Springs to pick it up.  I decided to use Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP's) for the rough construction.  The SIP panels have a R-20 value and the SIP installers (Korwall) did a great job with the rough construction. 

Custom Exterior

I started the exterior construction during the summer of 2016.  I was still in Abilene TX because mostly, I wanted to be with family while I continued to work on my tiny house.  During this time I worked with a few sub contractors to do the the electrical, plumbing and to get the metal roof installed.  I used a R-panel metal roofing by Muller Roofing.  The casement windows are from Jeld Wen.  My father helped on many different occasions and my friend Matt Lee help extensively with installing the exterior pine ship-laplap siding with a natural stain.

Custom Interior

I finished the interior of my tiny house in the summer of 2017. When I moved it to its currently location, in Dallas TX.  I used a 1/4" knotty pine interior paneling with   a  coat of polyurethane on all the wood finishes because I wanted everything to be water tight.  I used a cedar free-floating engineered wood for the floor and a Maple butcher block countertop installed by Tim Thompson, that  really fit with the rustic cabin feel of all the all natural wood interior.  To contrast the "rustic cabin look" all the hardware is brushed nickel or chrome.



I have complied some different links to other tiny enthusiasts websites or different resources you can visit to learn more about "Living Tiny".


-Dallas Facebook Group

-Dallas Meet Up Group




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please email, fill out the following form or visit my personal website.


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