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Blog - Personal Journey

Wedding Bells

On June 12, 2022 I married Allison Voss at the Victory Arts Center just south of downtown Fort Worth.  We had a small wedding for family at noon and then had a reception/celebration for our wedding and Bob and Nancy Voss's 50th anniversary.  We had a great time; first a nice ceremony and then a fun celebration with family, friends, dancing and lots of food.  Now I am blessed to call Allison my wife and we are living together in west Fort Worth.

I meet the Woman of my dreams

During covid I meet Allison online and immediately we felt very connected and close.  The past year dating Allison has been an amazing journey of traveling with someone I love and always being surprised in how much fun we constantly have around each other.  I can't wait to marry this woman and live the rest of my life with her. 

Slowing Down

I finally got a mini-split installed in my tiny home and I am excited for the possibility of moving next year.  Covid has made me take a step back from dancing and being more intentional being thankful for the time I get to spend with family.  As often does happen in my life I get consumed with something and slowly start to realize there is more to life than; sports, education, a job, and even dancing.  But this time during covid has made me even more thankful for the blessings I have in my life.

Living Tiny

I am completely moved in and living in my tiny house.  I don't have everything the way I want it but I will be able to finish things while I am living in my tiny house which i affectionately refer to as "Rustic Red".  Just like on the tiny house T.V. shows the biggest adjustment is downsizing your stuff.  So I am either selling or getting rid of all my old furniture.  The only thing that I am keeping from before is my clothes, everything else in my house I am making custom for that space, a.k.a. "built-in".

Purpose Drive Life

I have recently sold my house in Abilene which made it possible to start building a "Tiny House" (something I have wanted to do since 2011).  During my summer breaks I have decided to use my time to be proactive instead of wasting my 2 1/2 months off of work.  After I complete this house for myself I would like to begin building these tiny homes for others, a small business (see TRK TINY HOMES).  During my time here in Dallas that I can't work on my tiny house I am trying to be more intentional or proactive with my time by getting more involved in a children's ministry at church and mentoring a young man while continuing to stay involved in my dance team (see 35 Jive!) and mentoring/sponsoring activities at school.

Digital Leader

I have been selected along with three others as a digital leader at school I teach at.  My school district is providing all students with a digital device starting next year.  I am to attend digital training and coaching to make sure I can be a guide next year to teachers struggling with how to utilize the student's digital devices for educational means in there classes.


Since I changed careers and got into teaching, I am a little older than first  year teachers that go straight into teaching out of college, but I still feel like one of the younger teachers.  I don't have any children like the teachers my age, so therefore I connect with both the younger and older teachers on some things but not all.  The teachers that I connect with the most are the Career and Technology teachers because they too have transitioned from other careers.  I feel I have been blessed with the "real world" experience to guide my students and the time to be able to devote to the preparation an mastery of my new career.

DFW #3

I have started a job as a graphic design teacher at Garland High School.  I am anxious and motivated at the same time.  I have found a room to rent just north of the school I will be teaching at.  I am now attending first year teacher training to prepare for having my own classroom. 

DFW #2

After working at Petrelli & Assoc. for about 2 years I moved to Lbl Architects because of company in-stability reasons. I stayed at Lbl Architects for about 2 years. but then decided to take a job working at a smaller firm in my hometown of Abilene, Weatherl & Assoc.  But due to the economic climate of 2009 I was forced to pursue other careers. Recently I have taken a job at Rutledge Wood Products in Denton, TX as a custom cabinet designer.

DFW #1

Today I am starting a job for Petrelli & Assoc. My first idea in moving to Arlington was to work part time and get my master's degree from UTA. But since starting at Pettrelli & Assoc. one of my co-workers explained to me that if you started school before 1999, which I started at ACU in the fall of '98, then you are grandfathered under the old rule in architecture that you only need a undergrad degree and then make up the additional time with work experience under a licensed architect. So I now I work full time and plan on working enough to fulfill the experience needed to pursue an architectural license.


 Some would say going to college across the street from where you went to elementary school would not be very fun.  But just the opposite was true.  I had more fun and even took more time to graduate that my peers. 

My college years were filled with good balance of academic learning, social activities, life lessons, and a supportive environment in which to flourish.  Looking back there are many things that seemed "simpler" about that time.  And every time I visit I look back fondly on my formative years in Abilene and ponder how I can bring a little piece of that to my life in Dallas.


I recently graduated from Abilene Christian University.  Looking back on my path to get here, I have been immensely blessed with a wonderful childhood.  I have lived in Abilene, TX my whole life but my parents always made sure to take us on many vacations, usually skiing.  During high school and college I was fortunate enough to be part of groups that did mission work in many different states and even countries that share a border with the United States.  Being a part of these trips has helped me have a healthy world view and exposed me to many different types of people and places.  Moreover, I would have to say that I feel very blessed to have been raised in a supportive community while being able to visit many new and interesting places.

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