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Thaddeus is a very adventurous person and is interested in a huge variety of leisure activities. Sports and physical exercise have always played a major role in my life, whether it's playing baseball with friends or just going for a bike ride.  During middle and high school he played the gambit of organized sports.  Since college he has been more active in individual sports (gymnastics, rock climbing, etc.​.)  Thaddeus also enjoys everything outdoors, from outdoor sports to simply camping outdoors.

When Thaddeus is not engaging in a sport of some kind, he spends his time in the arts; graphic design, painting, illustration, sculpture, movies, music and dancing (which has become a quiet obsession of his since college).  For more info visit dancing.

But in a phrase he would describe himself as a:


Graphic Communication teacher by day, adventurous extreme sport swing kid by night.

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