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Dancing - Bio

Growing up in west Texas, Thaddeus only knew country two step. However, when he went to a WWII interest meeting as a junior in college where he ended up becoming  a charter member of the ACU Swing Cats; a conservative college that didn’t allow dancing. He also co-founded the Abilene Swing Dance Society with Baron Smith in 2005.  He didn't start dancing until his Jr. year at ACU but that didn't stop dancing from becoming, as he puts it, "a quiet obsession".  It's been a long journey, but now Thaddeus has taken his dancing to the big city.  He loves dancing in all forms, but ultimately dedicates himself to understanding, preserving, and teaching the only true American dance style: Lindy Hop!


Thaddeus even loves listening to and djing swing music whenever he's not dancing.  He now frequently attends workshops such as the BlueBonnet Bash, Lindyfest, Lindy on the Rocks, and Austin Lindy Exchange and competes in various lindy hop dance competitions such as the Lonestar Championships, on an annual basis.

Thaddeus's love of swing dancing stems from a form of self-expressive and creativity while establishing a strong understanding of connection, lead/follow technique, frame, body awareness and mechanics. By building a good technical base, he is then free to develop his own personalized style with confidence. But ultimately, he has a love for music and dance of all kinds.


Thaddeus is currently a member of the 35jive performance team that is based in the DFW area. He also ​teaches private lessons (contact me for more info). 

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